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Kpanlogo Song Book


CK Ladzekpo

A Brief Background

Kpanlogo originated in Accra, the capital city of Ghana and the traditional home of the Ga people. It is essentially an urban youth dance-drumming and a symbol of the commitment of a rapidly growing Ghanaian urban neighborhood youth in advocating their perspective in shaping the political vision of post colonial Africa.

Ga traditional state is among a political union of distinct traditional states known as the republic of Ghana. The union was created by the British government during the period of the historic Western European partitioning of Africa. It was originally called the Gold Coast and was renamed Ghana when it achieved self government on March 6, 1957. Ga land occupies the southern corner of the modern republic in an administrative region known as the Greater Accra Region.

Kpanlogo Song Book
is an excerpt from a forthcoming LearningWare hypermedia interactive CD-ROM: Foundation Course In African Dance-Drumming. All Rights Reserved!

Kpanlogo Song Texts

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