The Voices of the Silence

(to the tune of one of the Gurdjieff Movements)

We are the voices of the silence
We have the keys that fit your mind
If you follow us you will find
Things you have never seen before

Follow your breathing, sense your body,
Can you perceive the source of feeling?
You can find the core of being
If you remember who you are.

In time! You're immortal.
In life! You are free.
Everywhere, always, watching, feeling,
Waiting, learning, how to be.

Inwardly listen to the turning
Of all the functions of your being
When you abide in fearless seeing
You know the truth of what you are.

Pay back! what you've borrowed,
Reclaim! what you've lost.
Nature requires that you must sorrow
'Til you receive the Holy Ghost.

 by Richard Hodges

Copyright © 2010