Photo Credit: African Music And Dance Ensemble, CK Ladzekpo, Director
performing Atsiagbeko, a popular Anlo-Ewe war dance-drumming
in concert at the Calvin Simmons Theatre, Oakland, California

CK Ladzekpo
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African Music, Dance, And Culture


Sound Recordings

Ritual Music of the Yeve:
A West African God of Thunder

Ladzekpo Brothers


CK and The Beat Merchants

Video Tapes

Dance Spirit of Ghana

A documentary recorded in Ghana

A powerful traditional African Dance And Music Concert Video

C.K. Ladzekpo Clinic PASIC '94

Polyrhythm In African Music

Sound Recordings

Sound Samples:

Yeve Track 1: Ago
For PC (295 KB)
For Mac (291 KB)
Ritual Music of Yeve, A West African God of Thunder

Record Company:
Makosa Records International

African Records Center,
Brockline, NY

CK And The Beat Merchants

Sound Samples:

Track-- Kinka (aiff 360 KB)

Blue Heron Record Inc.
a subsidiary of
Aspen Records Inc.
525 Brannan Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Video Tapes

The Africans Are Coming
is an annual repertory concert in Oakland California presenting the best in African music and dance to audiences in Northern California and the world. A VHS tape is available - send email to CK Ladzekpo for information.
Click Here for Online Presentation

Dance Spirit of Ghana
A video documentary chronicling the spirit of dance in the lives of the people of Ghana.

Some scenes from this video:

Rituals of the Ewe people

Secular Scenes from African Dance-Drumming

CK Ladzekpo Clinic At PASIC '94
"Polyrhythm In African Music"

VHS CASSETTES available through:
CPP Media Group,
A Division of Warner Brothers Publications
1500 NW 48th Ave Miami, FL 33014
1-800-628-1528 EXT. 215, 214

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