Photo Credit: Divine Drummers of Yeve, an Ewe divinity associated
with thunder playing at a ritual in Ghana, West Africa

Foundation Course in African Dance-Drumming


C. K. Ladzekpo

This material is a preview of a forthcoming
LearningWare CDROM course that will offer a
comprehensive foundation in African music
performance and culture

See also the UC Berkeley Music 148 page. This is CK's
University class based on the material in the Foundation
Course in African Dance-Drumming.
(download video clips of student performances!)

Introduction to Anlo-Ewe
Culture and History
Drums and Drumming
Rhythmic Principles
Sub-Saharan Dance-Drumming Culture

Graphics, Videos, Sounds,
and Song Texts

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All Rights Reserved

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Note: these pages are constantly under construction. We are always adding material about the music and culture of the Ewe and other African ethnic groups, along with related graphics, sound, and videos that you can download.

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